Military Goats In Canada

Long time readers will know, and we hope, support, this blog’s devout belief that no beast of creature is more endowed with nobility, martial spirit, intelligence and good looks than […]

Military Goats Update

It’s been ages since we at Mad Padre paid homage to the noble military goat, so here, because it’s Friday, is William Orpen’s 1917 painting, “The Mascot of the Coldstream […]

Military Goats In History

As all Mad Padre readers know, the military goat is a subject much beloved here. Today, while working on a WW1 writing project, I came across this terrific photo of […]

Military Goats In The News

As longtime readers of this blog know well, nothing excites our admiration more than that most noble, martial, and proud of animals, than the military goat.   It is this […]

Military Goats In History (Behaving Badly)

Mad Padre’s Man in Dublin sends this wonderful piece on military goats. As longterm readers of this blog know, one of our primary missions here at Mad Padre is to […]

Military Goats In The News

As all faithful readers of this blog know, there are few things dearer to the heart of Mad Padre than that paragon of martial prowess, that prince of nature and […]

Military Goats In The News

Regular readers of Mad Padre (you know who you are) will agree that there is nothing that warms the heart more than that noblest of creatues, the military goat. For […]

Miliary Goats in the News: WW1 Goat Unearthed

The Daily Mail is calling it the “Pompeii of the Western Front”. Recently, construction on a highway near Carspach, France, discovered a group of twenty one German soldiers from the […]

Military Goats In the News

It’s been over a year since we at Mad Padre posted on that most captivating of subjects, the military goat. In August 2010 we introduced you to AirCraftsman George, the […]