It’s been over a year since we at Mad Padre posted on that most captivating of subjects, the military goat. In August 2010 we introduced you to AirCraftsman George, the mascot of the Royal Air Force recruit training centre at RAF Halton. Apparently AC George is stagging on and doing his duty as a good goat should.

Today the UK MOD News Service announced that the RAF and the Bucks Goat Centre, his official residence, have put together a handsome trailer so AC George can travel in style.

Recruit Training Squadron mascot George the goat arrives at RAF Halton in his new trailer to attend a graduation parade
[Picture: Crown Copyright/MOD 2011]

The RAF reports that “George appears to love his new trailer as it gives him a place to rest, shelter and prepare himself physically and mentally for his performances.”

Sadly, to my knowledge there are no goats serving in the Canadian Forces. If the situation changes, Mad Padre will be the first to let you know.

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