We here at Mad Padre are devoted to scouring the military news to bring you, gentle readers, all the latest on that most fascinating of topics, the military goat. Today the UK MOD news feed introduces us to Aircraftsman George, a two-year-old Golden Guernsey-Boer goat who is the mascot of the Royal Air Force recruit training centre at RAF Halton. I recently read The Mint, T.E. Lawrence’s (as in Lawrence of Arabia) account of life at an RAF recruit school just after WW1, and it sounded quite beastly, and he certainly didn’t mention anything about goats. RAF Halton sounds much more pleasant.

AC George certainly earned his place in the ranks.

“Lauren Godfrey, the farm manager at the Bucks Goat Centre (where AC George was raised), said:

“I am not surprised that he has fitted in so well as he has been raised around people and was a keen competitor on our animal assault course.” !!!

Read the whole piece here.