As longtime readers of this blog know well, nothing excites our admiration more than that most noble, martial, and proud of animals, than the military goat.   It is this blog’s stated policy and fondest wish that more armies adopt this fine creatures as mascots.  This picture and caption from today’s UK Ministry of Defence daily email:

Almost 100 soldiers from 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment paraded in Gheluvelt Park, Worcester, to mark the centenary of the 2nd Battalion The Worcestershire Regiment’s victory against the Germans at the battle of Gheluvelt. On the morning of 31 October 1914 near the small town of Gheluvelt in Belgium, the Germans broke through the Allied defensive line. With an easy route to the Channel ports and 13 German Battalions on the charge, The Worcestershire Regiment’s 2nd Battalion were called to counter attack. Elsewhere across the Allied line, orders were issued to prepare for a general retreat. Already down to half of their capacity due to 10 days of hard battle, against overwhelming odds the 2nd Worcestershire showed immense courage, pushing the Germans back and plugging the gap in the Allied defensive line, saving the Channel ports in the process. In the picture, the Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire is introduced to the regimental mascot, Private Derby XXX. [Picture: Sergeant Mike O’Neill, Crown copyright]