Lent Madness: Jonathan Daniels vs Chief Seattle

Good morning hagiophiles:   Today, when Jonathan Daniels faces off against Chief Seattle in the penultimate matchup of Lent Madness, also happens to also be the anniversary of the death […]

Lent Madness: Bertha vs Seattle

Sorry, no Lent Madness email from me yesterday, but I did say that I had less and less to say as this goes on.   While I felt some sadness […]

Lent Madness: Daniels vs Bakhtia

As we inch closer to the end of Lent, the stakes in our Lent Madness matchups get higher and the decisions get harder.   I missed writing on yesterday’s match […]

Lent Madness: Hooker vs Bach

Welcome, Halo Hopers, and welcome to Tuesday’s Matchup, after we say a brief prayer for poor Edmund the Martyr King, who will henceforth remember as Totally Dead and Buried St. […]

Lent Madness: Florence vs Enmegahbowh

Happy St. Patrick’s day to you!   Today, as predicted, the people chose for myrrh of Joanna and less of Augustine.  She will go on to face Brendan or Blandina, […]

Lent Madness: Augustine vs Joanna

Greetings Saint Boosters:     Well, now it gets hard.  With Martin de Porres crushing poor Maximus the Maimed, we now get into the battles of the Saintly Sixteen!  Every one of […]

Lent Madness: Diego vs Donne

Welcome to Tuesday’s Lent Madness.    I confess I was a little surprised at how easily Jonathan Daniels won against Rutilio Grande,, but most of the people who play Lent Madness […]

Lent Madness: Daniels vs Rutilio

Happy Monday, Halo Fans, and welcome back to this week’s Lent Madness.     The wannabe Irishman in me was pleased that Brendan of Clonfert navigated his way to safe shores […]

Lent Madness: Brendan vs David

Good morning hagiophiles and welcome to Friday, as too more saints from from the hotbeds of the early Anglo-Irish church go head to head.  The Saintly Sixteen is fast filling […]