Happy St. Patrick’s day to you!


Today, as predicted, the people chose for myrrh of Joanna and less of Augustine.  She will go on to face Brendan or Blandina, so which should be a tight match either way, and we can expect Joanna to show little myrrhcy to either opponent.    


When I was in seminary at Wycliffe College, I had the pleasure of studying alongside several indigenous men, one of whom had a distinguished career in street ministry in Toronto, and the other is now Bishop Saskatoon, National Indigenous Anglican Archbishop and Presiding Elder of the Sacred Circle.   We called him Chris back then.   As he would probably say with his deadpan humour, not bad for a former ambulance driver from Onion Lake.  


The point is that God calls us all.   As Peter realizes after the Spirit sends him to baptize a Roman soldier,  “‘I truly understand that God shows no partiality” (Acts 10.34).  Florence and Enmegahbowh both show us how God is far more disinterested in gender and race and status than we in his churches have been in past  (and Lord knows, we still have some motes in our eyes to get rid of!).


So whether you vote by choice or just use a coin toss to decide between these two, just remember that God chose both.  Also, if national pride enters into it all, both have a claim on our Canadian hearts, Enmegahbowh as a member of the Ottawa nation, and Florence who graciously adopted Canada at the end of her long life.


Blessed be their memories.


You can vote here:  https://www.lentmadness.org/2023/03/florence-li-tim-oi-v-enmegahbowh/#more-22296