Sorry, no Lent Madness email from me yesterday, but I did say that I had less and less to say as this goes on.


While I felt some sadness for Florence Li Tim-Oh’s defeat, I had a strong suspicion at the start that Jonathan Daniels would take the Golden Halo, and it looks like he’s the favoured one at this point.    


Today is a matchup that only Lent Madness could give us, an Anglo-Saxon queen vs a West Coast indigenous chief.  What do they have in common?  They are both friends of God, and it pleases me to imagine their conversations around the heavenly banquet table.   What gifts do they embody that we might ask for?  Would we ask the Spirit for Sealth’s steadfast faith and prophetic voice for his people in the face of adversity, or for Bertha’s determination to win her husband and people over to Christ?


Since the final posts at focus on saintly kitsch, and since the saints’ lives are traditionally associated with legend and story to inspire the faithful, I leave you with this spring gift, the story of how the robin got its red breast.  It may be a little kitschy, but as I hear robins at sunrise now, I’m grateful to God for them and for spring:

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Blessings this day,