Can You Judge A Book By It’s Cover?

It looks that way. A tip of the beret to Sean McLachlan, indie author and blogger, for putting me onto the Lousy Book Covers website. Lots of (e)books here I […]

New On My Tablet Christmas Wish List

I’ve been considering getting an Ipad this Christmas, partly because I’m tired of trying to find print copies of The New Yorker in the small town where I live and […]

Notable Quotable: Verlyn Klinkenborg on E-Reading

From the NYT: Editorial NotebookSome Thoughts About E-Reading By VERLYN KLINKENBORGPublished: April 14, 2010 “In one way or another, I’ve been reading on a computer ever since it meant looking […]

A cool ebook discovery

During a rather random bit of googling yesterday around the subject of ebooks, I came across an application called Calibre, which is billed as “the one stop solution to all […]

My ebook choice is made

Readers of Mad Padre (bless you!) will know that I’ve been struggling with making a choice about an ebook reader, and a number of you made some helpful decisions. What […]

Notable Quotable: Craig Mod on ebooks

Craig Mod is a technology blogger quoted in the New York Times as saying “Print is dying. Digital is surging. Everyone is confused. Good riddance.” As the NYT summarizes Mod, […]