Zombies! Run!

I’ve heard of Zombie Walks, but never until now a Zombie Run, and if I was in Maryland this October, darn skippy I’d do it. How can you resist an […]

A Determined Fisherman

Saw this several weeks ago while driving to CFB Suffield for Sunday worship at the chapel and it was too perfect, so I gingerly took this snap with my iphone […]

The Haunted Hat

Who ya’ goin’ to call? Devoutly hoping we don’t need to call these guys once we move into our new old house in Medicine Hat next month.

Dolls Redux Redux

OK, one more post on dolls and then I’m off the subject. While doing some research on military action figures for my last post here, I came across this guy, […]

Dolls Redux

A friend of mine sent me this link to a website about a unique imaginary world that involves dolls, including a few Barbies, I think. As I first glanced at […]

A model of biblical proportions

This story combines the Mad Padre’s love of a) things religious with b) things historical with c) crazy modeling pursuits. As a friend of mine commented, when the English farmer […]