There are a number of sesquicentenial (175 years if you’re wondering — errr, wait, strike that. 150 years, thanks to an erudite Mad Padre reader) anniversary blogs tracking the American Civil War, but one I discovered today and wanted to flag is this labour of love by a talented amateur historian, Allen Gathman, Seven Score and Ten: The Civil War Sesquicential Day By Day. A quick glance of some recent posts shows that it covers an interesting gamut, from military to social and racial history. Fans of the Civil War should bookmark this blog.

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  1. Not to be too pedantic, sesquicentenial is 150 years.

    I have been having fun reading the British Colonist from 150 years ago each day. It has a lot of coverage of the American Civil War. Because Victoria had no telegraph, everything they could publish took time to get to them, weeks and months. From time to time they would publish an extra supplement to the paper focusing on the war, May 29th 1862 was such a day.

    In the fall and winter of 1861 it was interesting to read about the uncertainty about what was going to happen on the west coast of the US, there was a fear California would join the south.

  2. Bernard:
    Not pedantic, just useful. Thanks for the correction.
    Thanks also for that link to the VC, I look forward to reading it.
    We forget what an anxious time 1861must have been for Canada.