Out for a run on the back roads around CFB Suffield this morning, I ook this picture during an unseasonably warm (6C) for November morning just at sunrise, using my ihpone camera. Wanted to test an app, Pro HDR, that my friend Gene Packwood had mentioned on his blog. I was very pleased with the result. Seeing prairie magic like this sunrise is definitely an incentive to roll out of bed in the morning. Im not really sure that blogsopt does it justice – click on the picture and you get a better view of the fence and the grass in what looks on the blog like a dark foreground.

I was also using the Nike Plus run logging app on my ihpone when I took this shot, and also using it to listen to a podcast from Podrunner, so when you consider that I was able to do all that plus have the safety of a phone just in case, the iphone is a nice piece of kit for a runner to have.

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