Strangely warm temperatures and the blessed absence of snow and ice saw me out more often last week. While it seems like spring, the sun still sets on its winter schedule, and as I was coming back across the river and passing Medicine Hat city hall (an impressive glass structure), I liked the Christmas lights on the clock tower as it started to become luminous in the gathering dusk. The bare branches accent the piece, I think. Taken as always with my iphone camera.

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  1. Cool photo, Padre! We've had weird weather here in Nova Scotia for running, too (got a barefoot run in on New Year's eve in rural southern Nova Scotia!). Happy New Year and keep running!

  2. Hey JGP, how ya doing?
    A barefoot run in rural southern NS? That's wild.
    So does the barefoot run mean that you are inclined towards the whole minimalist movement in running?
    Keep running back at you!

  3. Yeah, I keep things as minimal as possible, though I gotta say, I'm easily tempted by gps apps for my android phone and I'd love a GPS watch for running 😉 I actually find my minimal shoes (Saucony Hattori) to be "too much". I'm having a hard time doing the minimal running thing through the winter, can't go barefoot when there's salt on the sidewalk and can't bare my shoes D: