After a seemingly interminable delay, I finally received a posting instruction that will send me and my wife to Canadian Forces Base Suffield. It will be a big change, trading the hills of the Annapolis Valley and the shores of the Bay of Fundy for the rolling prairie of SE Alberta. For my wife Kay, a lover of geology and of fossils, it will mean a chance to explore the badlands around Drumheller, visit the Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum, and finally see the Rockie Mountains. For me, it will be a chance to return to an Army environment with the added bonus of getting to know the unique and historic culture of the British Army. BATUS (British Army Training Unit Suffield) is based there, so there is a permanent British presence and regular visitations from British (and other NATO) army units who come to use the sizeable training ranges.

Kay and I will be busy finalizing our home sale, winding down Kay’s job at a local garden centre, arranging the move, and taking some leave time. There are also some things we want to see and do in Nova Scotia before we go, to round out this blog’s category of Adventures in Atlantic Canada before we start a category called Adventures in Alberta and Adventures with the Brits. Wish us luck.

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  1. congratulations bro. I hope the move goes well for you. I remember before we went to Germany there was a possibility apparently that we would be going to Ghana! or at least that's what I was told.

  2. Close enough I may come for a visit if you are willing to have old UVictims as guests.

    I will be in the Water Valley for Thanksgiving. A Quaker gathering.