As the small and elite band of regular readers of Mad Padre will know, Military Goats are no stranger to this blog. Indeed, we at Mad Padre are determined to document the role of that most unsung of military goats and to give them their proper due.

Courtesy of the UK MOD’s “Image of the Day”, here is “Private Derby”, the regimental mascot of the Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters), recently returned from a distinguished tour in Afghanistan, in front of Worcester Cathedral. Read more about the Mercians’ return here.

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  1. I am an American and during my Military career, I was in the US Army and the US Navy. I was very fortunate to have the ooportunities to serve with and learn from the British forces. I am now sixty years young and marvel over the complete lack of knowledge of the Americans when it comes to World History (or about anything.)
    I had retired from the Service and moved back to New Mexico; I was single and started dating. The girls I'd meet said "Real men do not drink TEA"!!!!! In Vietnam, if I wanted coffee and was not able to have a fire to cook the brew, I'd chew on coffee beans, nasty, better than smokless tobacco. Then I met a British Sgt. that showed me the benefits of always carrying tea, how you can make "sun tea" or suck on a bag of tea and no mess in the mouth. Little do those American girls know….. and I was on 15F of Operation Raliegh years ago.
    I have been asked if the Scotts have anything on under the kilts, and I say that the only ones that can look up and see are the dead enemy solders are stepping over and the dead enemy solders haven't much to say at that point.

  2. Here's an interesting mascot from the 21st Btn CEF. When she ided, her head was mounted and is curently in the PWOR museum in Kingston. We doused for her body a few years ago and think we foudn were that was buried in the veteran's plot of Cataraqui Cemetery.