This photo is one of several on a Russian website that I learned about from a wargaming website I frequent. Thanks to Google Translate, this picture was taken at a Soviet era factory, the Kharkov Armoured Repair Plant, which “specialize[d] in the overhaul and modernization of the T-64, T 80, T-72 tank engines 5TDF and GTD-1250. Plant also produces a repair tank sights, laser range finders and a range of guided weapons. At the time of the collapse Soviet factory produced approximately 60 tanks, repairs and 55 engines per month.”

Mixed feelings in viewing this and the other photos on the site include (a) gratitude that all these Cold War weapons were never used, (b)sorrow at what an incredible waste of money and resources they represent, and (c)melancholy at the wreck of glory. If I have to choose, I’ll go with (a).

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