According to the daily “On This Day in MIlitary History” feed from Department of History and Heritage, Dept. of Ntl. Defence, on this day, 29 January, in 1936, No. 7 (General Purpose) Squadron was formed at RCAF Station Rockcliffe, on the Ottawa River. 

This photo shows one of two Hawker Tomtit two-seated trainers that were used by the squadron.  According to Harold Skaarup, Canadian Warbirds of the Biplane Era – Trainers, Transports and Utility Aircraft, the RCAF owned two Tomtits, Nos 139 and 140 (shown here).  They had a top speed of 200 km/h and a ceiling of 19,500 feet.  The Tomtit had a reputation as a  sweet plane to fly and remained in RCAF service until 1943.

I especially like the snow on the ground in this photo, and can imagine the discomfort of the ground crew working in a frigid Ottawa winter.


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