This gorgeous picture of a U.S. Civil War monument was taken by Chris Mackowski, one of the young historians who contribute to the blog Emerging Civil War.  This statue is in the town of Allegany, New York, where Chris teaches.  Chris writes that I see these statues everywhere (a New England statue manufacturer was responsible for most of them), but maybe because they seem so common, we forget to really see them. That’s my challenge this fall: in the midst of the riot of autumn color, I want to see these statues and remember the men they honour.”

As a bonus picture, click here to see a 19th century image of the same statue and some Union Army veterans posing in front of it.


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  1. Wonderful photograph, Mike (and Chris). One of the sad, but somehow also reassuring, things about War Memorials is now invisible they can be. They're just always there, and your eye grows accustomed to them. You hardly notice them.

    And then, one day, walking, you remember to look up – and there they are, reminding us, watching and simply being there – calling us to remember. That always makes me slow my pace, however busy a journey it is.

    Thanks for the post!