Western military leaders and planners are no doubt adjusting to news, reported today by the New York Times, from the PRNK that their new leader, Kim Jung-On, is now officially a “military genius”.

Becoming a military genius is certainly a very impressive achievement for a guy who is still in his 20s. I know lots of Canadian military in their 20s who are bright men and women, but not military geniuses, and unlike Kim, they serve in a military. I’m not even sure that “military genius” exists as a category on our military personnel evaluation forms. So all in all, very impressive. Bravo. I’m pretty sure that Napoleon and Hitler had to wait until at least early middle age for that accolade.

Still, I’m worried about young Kim peaking too early. After all, where do you go from “military genius”? Maybe “military super genius”? If so, then God help us all, because military super genius doubtless comes with some pretty amazing skills, such as melting enemy tanks with one’s fiery gaze.

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