If you have HBO on your cable package, invite me over because I don’t and I want to catch “The Pacific”. I’ll bring beer. Or maybe sake. Or both.

The Pacific is TV series from Steven Speilberg and Tom Hanks long-awaited by fans of their WW2 efforts, “Band of Brothers” and “Saving Private Ryan”. “The Pacific” tells the story of US soldiers fighting the Japanese, and according to Spielberg the project was written by Pacific War vets who saw his previous films and wrote asking that he tell their story too.

From what I’ve heard of it, “The Pacific” decides to follow several well-known factual characters, including E.B. Sledge whose memoir, “With the Old Breed On Pelelieu and Okinawa” was described by literary scholar and WW2 vet Paul Fussell as a must-read book for any student of the experience of war.

I’m pleased that The Pacific is getting good reviews, if this one is any indication. Please post a reply here if you’ve seen it, and if you’re watching it, remember, I’ll bring the beer .. or sake … or sushi.

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  1. This is the first item on television that gave me a real argument for getting cable again. In the end, I voted with staying away from the TV drug, but gosh it was a hard one…

    Hopefully it isn't too long before they bring it to DVD.