Video Games And War Crimes

Longtime readers of this on-again, off-again blog will know that video games and ethics are an interest of mine.  By way of disclosure, I confess that I own a PlayStation, […]

How To Spoil A First Person Shooter

A friend of a friend on Twitter put me on to the website XKCD, A Webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language. Well, those are three of my favourite things. […]

The Gamification of Jihad

I’ve posted here in past about the relationship between video games, youth culture and the recruiting and training practices of western militaries. Here’s an interesting story from the Foreign Policy […]

Another Take on Video Shooter Games

Character from US Army recruiting video game, America’s Army My last post reminded me that I’ve beaked off on the subject of video games and ethics myself. Here’s a link […]

Should Shooter Games Be Ethical?

Time to revisit a subject discussed here on MP before. Freelance journalist Matthew Shaer has published an interesting piece on Foreign Policy on the latest crop of Iraq/Afghanistan-themed first person […]