Turning Chaplains Into Military Ethicists

The Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Centre (CFChSC) at Canadian Forces Base Borden, where I work, started its annual Intermediate Ethics Course this week.  The course is a career course […]

Jeffrey Toobin on ”Cafeteria Government”

Whatever one thinks of Ms. Davis, Jeffrey Toobin’s short essay on the New Yorker website  raises some interesting points about whether religious accomodation amounts to “cafeteria citizenship” and even to […]

Worth Repeating: E.B. White on Democracy

E.B. White was one of the great writers, journalists and stylists of mid-20th Century America.   I was delighted when the New Yorker magazine served up this short response that he […]

Confessions Of Two Liberal Gun Owners

I have am ambivalent relationship with firearms. I never acquired a firearms license until I was in my thirties and then became interested in American Civil War reenacting. In the […]

The Archaeology Of Compassion

Those ethicists who claim that the capacity for altruism is hardwired in human nature may take heart from this story. Yesterday’s New York Times carried a piece about an archaeological […]

Sam Harris On Science And Morality

Our Man In Dublin asked me what I thought of this TED talk yy Sam Harris on Science and Morality from 2010. Sam Harris, if you haven’t heard of him […]