Trump And The Christians

Christian pastors praying with Trump, 21 Sept, 2016 It’s time for Christians to get off the Trump Train.   It is certainly time now, and it was time a long while […]

David Gushee On The Church Losing Its Stickiness

  Baptist pastor and theologican David Gushee offers an interesting analysis of how Donald Trump’s supporters who self-identify as Christian evangelicals attend church less frequently than other evangelicals, particularly those […]

This Just In From Kiev

Among the pictures coming out of the protests in Kiev and other parts of the Ukraine, ones of Orthodox priests interposing themselves between the crowds and the riot police have […]

Doing Church in Hipster Brooklyn

Sometimes I’m tempted to think that churches are no longer countries for young people, and then a story like this one give me hope. Perhaps the “Skinny Jeans” angle explains […]