Last week the housing people at CFB Suffield served notices that garage tenants had to empty them in prepartion for new doors being installed. That gave me the perfect excuse to pay a call on Kaiser Bill (short for Wilhelm) where I had parked him in fear of a winter that, so far, has never come (I am not at all convinced that the money spent on this garage as been worth it). I hadn’t turned the key since I took him there on 11 November, and was afraid that cold weather might have killed the battery, but after a few growls he started up and now sits parked behind the base chapel.

Driving Bill around the PMQ patch a few times to perk him up a bit made me start looking forward to warmer weather and a chance to bash around Alberta and parts further, which may explain why, after seeing a 20mm model of a VW Bug on the Guild Wargamer’s site, got to wondering if there was a 1/72nd model Vanagon out there, maybe something diecast, to sit on my desk and cheer my winter thoughts.

Haven’t found one yet, but did find a great discussion on the Car Lust website of the lovable and quirky Vanagon, with this amazing video. Check out the awesome 1980s lettering, the strange choice in music (especially the creepy final lyrics) and the handsome bearded gentleman who may have a romantic companion joining him, or possibly just lives in hope.

So all this has me thinking that there’s still time before winter’s over to get the replacement propane tank purchased from GoWesty installed, and maybe a few other touches, like replacing the broken fridge with a storage unit, before this year’s Westy season.

Roll on spring.