Last weekend here in SW Ontario was unusually wet, but the sun has come out the last few days for some glorious fall mornings.  Here was the view yesterday morning on one of the trails I frequent.

Image 3

On Monday I went out earlier, on a different trail, in the predawn darkness.   I’m listening to music on my headphones, and thinking “Hmmm, these woods are rather creepy in the dark”, when I hear what sounds like a large animal moving in the undergrowth beside me.  I look to my left.

“Good morning!”  It is a young woman, two thirds my height and half my weight, powering past me on the trail.  I won’t say that I screamed like a girl, but I did let out a variation of the Lord’s name.   “Sorry”, she said cheerily as she disappeared up the trail at twice my speed and half my age.   So much for the big tough army guy.