An English friend of mine in the village of Ralston pointed me to this story about a colleague she served with when she was in the Royal Air Force. Some might say that soldiers are a superstitious bunch, eager to take medallions and bible even if they aren’t strictly speaking believers, but that is something soldiers have done for ages. Even if the charm in this story deserves some credit, its owner, Flt. Lt. Booth, is an extraordinary young man, and a reminder to army types, who love to mock the supposedly cushy air force, that our comrades in blue can be just as brave. MP

Flight Lt. Adam Booth

A hero airman believes a “golden angel” lucky charm has helped him to cheat death TWENTY times in Afghanistan.

RAF Flight Lieutenant Adam Booth, 30, ­survived a bullet which hit him in an arm, ­another which flew ­between his legs, 16 ­grenade attacks and his vehicle being blown up – twice.

Despite the arm injury he scorned the chance to be airlifted to hospital and stayed on the battlefield to help to rescue 22 wounded soldiers – 15 of them ­critically injured.

And dad-of-two Adam says it’s all thanks to that lucky charm that he is still alive.

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