Two weeks ago I preached a sermon using the movie 2010 for a launching pad on the apocalyptic words of Christ in Mark 13, focusing on Christ’s words “do not be alarmed”.

I was reminded of this sermon when I noted this piece in today’s Washington Post about Christian survivalists, which included this comment from a storeowner who sells supplies to these people:

“This is one way people feel like they’re taking control of their own situations again,” he said. “We’ve had so much drama. It’s like getting your oil changed in your car. You’ve done something that feels good. It’s the same way with somebody going down and getting a survival kit and having extra food or water. It gives them that level of a little bit of security.”

Well, I suppose wanting to be in control is understandable, especially in such fraught times as these. It seems from the article that the point of survivalism is to be around in time to see the end times. But isn’t the point of the apocalypse that God is in control, whatever happens?