This post is a shout out for The Work Of The People (TWOP), a digital content provider for Christian worship. Taking it’s name cleverly from a literal translation of the Greek words behind “liturgy”, The Work of the People provides professionally produced, interesting, and theologically orthodox videos suitable for use in worship, in small groups, bible studies, and such. Here’s a sample:

In some ways I am a lucky fellow to be a chapel worship leader in the Canadian Forces. In my soon-to-be three years at Christ the King Chapel at Suffield, I’ve asked for and received some amazing resources that a small parish could only dream of, including two large flat screen monitors and a computer to run content on them. In other ways it’s frustrating asking for something other than hardware, such as a subscription to TWOP’s content. The military is fussy about software, and wants to have security guarantees before it will install programs or allow for downloadable content. It took a while to convince the IT powers that be that my chapel uses a standalone computer, and that TWOP’s worshop videos pose no threat to national security.

I do think, though, that their content poses a threat to complacency and boredome in the pew. If you are a pastor or a worship leader, I encourage you to look at their material. If you are a parishioner or a member of a congregation, talk to your pastor or worship leader and ask them to check it out. We’re in the second week of using this material in the worship life of my small chapel, and people are excited. When I ordered all this hardware two years ago, I hoped that we might do something exciting with it, and, to quote from The A-Team, I love it when a plan finally comes together.