Battle Report – American Civil War Game

One of my Christmas presents to myself was the set of American Civil War miniatures rules, They Couldn’t Hit an Elephant, published by Too Fat Lardies. Like other TFL systems, […]

Games at Hot Lead

One of the fringe benefits of Easter being early this year was that it allowed me some time to go to Hot Lead, Southern Ontario’s gem among miniature gaming conventions. […]

Lard Coffins, or Walter Gets His Wings

Last Saturday saw another gathering in my church hall for another gaming day, a semi-reglar series of events christened by the participants as “AngliCONs”. For Anglicon III, Keith Burnett, one […]

Sevastapol Skirmish – A Wargames Report

Saturday, July 21st we had another go at the Troops, Weapons and Tactics (TW&T) skirmish rules by Too Fat Lardies. I acted as referee, and chose a Russian Front battle […]