Sadly, No Death Star Anytime Soon

It’s astonishing to me that over 30,000 people signed a petition calling on the White House to “build the “Star Wars” inspired super-weapon to spur job growth and bolster national […]

We’re Not All Heroes

A reader of Tom Rick’s military affairs blog makes a good point about how contemporary society and media lavish the word “hero” on practically everyone in uniform, to the point […]

New Weapons for the Canadian Forces?

New weapons in the war on stress and frayed nerves, perhaps. The Globe and Mail tweeted a story wondering why Canada’s Department of National Defence needed to purchase 20,000 yellow […]

The General’s Jet

If you are Canadian, you will have likely heard that there has been a bit of a flap on since CTV News ran a story on the cost of jet […]

More on Syrupy Remembrance Day Kitsch

Here’s a reason why I was glad to read Christie Blatchford as stated in the previous post. By the end of this week, I had received my share of maudlin […]

CBC Coverage of Afghanistan Casualties

Anonymous comments from army colleagues: Just found out about another two soldiers killed overseas. Another sobering day to be in the army. On another note, the CBC continues it’s deification […]