Ben Crosby is a young Anglican priest and theologian based in Montreal.   In this short Substack essay, he describes how the part of the Anglican tradition known as The Daily Offices (Morning and Evening Prayer, plus Compline before retiring) benefited his prayer and faith life.     You can find that essay here.

Here’s an excerpt from Ben’s piece:

Being steeped in Scripture, especially the psalter, organizing my days around time with God, taking time every day for confession, for praise, to hear God’s word, and to petition him for my own needs and those of others – all these have been so vital to me. They have been so important for keeping me anchored through health crises, international moves, struggles in faith, the ordination process, disappointments in ministry, all the changes and chances of this fleeting world. The words of the psalter have sunk into my bones, becoming the words I use to express my deepest aspirations and profoundest distress. In the moments where my heart is full to bursting with gratitude for all that God has given me, the office is there. In the moments I am in despair, with no words to come before God, the office is still there.”