As Kay and I settle into our new house in our new town, I realize that our adjustment and lives are a little easier because we don’t have to worry about getting young kids ready to go to new schools. I experienced that anxiety myself an army brat whose peripatetic dad kept moving even after he left the CF, and so I can see the need for parents to be responsive to their kids’ emotional as well as educational needs following a posting.

Elaine Wilson of the US military’s Family Matters blog has some useful advice for military families with kids starting school shortly.

Family Matters Blog: Blogger Shares Back-to-school Tips
By Elaine Wilson
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Aug. 16, 2010 – After two months of summer vacation, the natives are restless. My kids have been at home at close quarters for weeks at a time now and the tension is mounting.

It started out innocently enough. Back in June, my 6- and 8-year-old were thrilled to toss off their school shackles and dive right into summer fun. They swam for hours, visited amusement parks, built sand castles on the beach and sweated gallons during outdoor play.

While at first they were best buds, over time the sibling quarrels began to escalate along with the temperature. I’ve come to realize there really is such a thing as too much together time.

While my children won’t admit it out loud, I think we all are secretly looking forward to the first day of school. They may grumble and moan about it, but I know when that first day of school arrives, they’ll head off excitedly to meet their friends with new backpacks and school supplies in tow.

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