I pity the spiritual head of my church, Rowan Williams. With his impossible eyebrows, professorial manner and nuanced approach to problems like homsexuality in the church, he seems a man out of synch with the times. So I was pleased yesterday to note Melanie Phillips in the Mail Online commending the Archbishop of Canterbury for reminding the state why it needs Christianity. MP+

By Melanie Phillips
Last updated at 8:51 AM on 14th December 2009

Just for once, the Archbishop is right … treating Christians as cranks is an act The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, comes in for a lot of stick – not least from columnists like me.

But in the past few days, he has said something important. He has criticised Government ministers for thinking that Christian beliefs are no longer relevant in modern Britain, and for looking at religion as a ‘problem’.

Many Government faith initiatives, he observed, assumed that religion was an eccentricity practised by oddballs, foreigners and minorities.

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