The latest Canadian rotation in Afghanistan suffered a second fatal casualty yesterday when Sapper Steve Marshall, an engineer with 11 Field Squadron, 1 Combat Engineer Regiment, was killed by an IED while on foot patrol southwest of Kandahar City in the Panjwai district. Sapper Marshall was twenty four years old and had just over two years service with the Canadian Forces. He becomes the 133rd Canadian soldier to be killed in Afghanistan. He had been in theatre for only one week.

Brigader-General Vance, the Canadian commander in theatre, was quoted by CBC News as saying that “Steven will be remembered as the life of his section. He had an incredible sense of humour and a contagious grin that never left his face even in the most difficult of times. He would embrace every situation and always found and shared that silver lining with his mates.” A video of the Brigadier-General’s press brief may be found here.

Rest eternal grant to him, O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon him.

In other news, Alanna Boyes, the widow of Lt. Justin Boyes, killed earlier this week, said this about her husband.

“Before he left, I told him he was a gallant warrior of the 21st century because whether it was leading a combat operation, doing house renos or changing a poopy diaper, he knew what to do. He said recently we’re not losing this war. But if we do, it’s because we lost it at home first. Please support our boys, they are making progress.”

The ramp ceremony for Lt. Boyes occurred in Kandahar this Thursday. At the ceremony, CBC quoted Padre Yvonne Mills as praising Boyes for his “keen, calm, and motivated nature” and “a dedicated friend, caring for others, he was athletic and a devoted husband, father, son and brother.”