Excellent piece from the UK Ministry of Defence on te work of a chaplain on the Royal Navy’s flagship. MP+

Navy chaplain’s parish doubles overnight
A People In Defence news article
9 Nov 09

Remembrance week is a busy time for Armed Forces chaplains but, on a recent exercise, one Royal Navy reverend found his ‘parish’ doubling in size overnight.

Reverend James Tabor RN waves as the Naval Strike Wing Harriers launch from the flight deck of HMS Illustrious
[Picture: POA(Phot) Paul A’Barrow, Crown Copyright/MOD 2009]

Reverend James Tabor RN is chaplain to the Royal Navy’s flagship, HMS Illustrious, the nation’s strike aircraft carrier.

Overnight the 500 or so ship’s company almost doubled to 970 as Naval Strike Wing, 814 and 854 Squadrons, and 212 Flight (Endurance) embarked for Exercise Joint Warrior.

‘The Bish’, as Reverend Tabor is known, has been kept busy whilst at sea in defence watches:

“Life goes on,” he said. “Like any small village, we have church on Sunday, prayers in the church each day, and bible study once a week.

“Days are spent walking the ‘patch’ and occasionally lending a hand. The sick get a visit in sick bay, and the regulators are on the regular circuit. A real treat is an invitation to a mess deck and a chance to have a cup of tea and a chat, just like a parish on land.”

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