Last night’s meeting of the ZX Cycle and Running Club must have inspired me, because I turned in just a shade over 8k in 45 minutes on the treadmill, a half km better than my last effort in that time. 🙂

The club has several relay runs planned for the new year, including Rum Runner’s (Halifax to Lunenburg, very scenic)and the Cabot Trail. I’m hoping to do these plus the Bluenose Half Marathon come the spring, so no time like the present to get serious. Not sure I have anything left in the tank for the spin class at 6 tonight. We’ll see.

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  1. Well done! Which event are you hoping to do in the Bluenose? I'm debating if I want to do the 5K with a new-runner friend, or if I want to go for the 10-k or half marathon on my own instead.

  2. I'm hoping to do the half. They say it's a very cold event.

    Have you considered coming up to Greenwood to do the ZX 10K? It's a nice event.

  3. I'm still a novice runner (and I'm currently recovering from an injury), so my racing schedule is still in the works 🙂 I would like to have the excuse to go to Ottawa for the army run in the fall. If I go all the way to Ottawa to race I have to do the half and make it worth the plane ticket! 🙂

    I like running 10K's, I'll have to check out the ZX. 10K is a good sturdy distance but it isn't unapproachable if you don't have marathon-distance training under your belt.