Running along the bank of the S. Saskatchewan River this morning around 07:00hrs, I stopped to take this and several other shots of the first ice forming on the water. I was glad I turned off my music to do so, because it allowed me to hear the ice actually moving on the river, something that can only be described as a hissing sound, like water on a hot skillet heard from the next room.

Total distance this AM: 7.1k. Listened to: NPR Podcast, Diane Rehm show Friday news round up, which while very informative did little to speed my pace.

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  1. I never listen to music while I run, I put on the radio or listen to a podcast for company. Some of my fastest times have been while listening to NPR or CBC podcasts 🙂

  2. Jessica:
    I'm always thrilled to find your comments here. (And now I know what the J stands for because I found your cool Tarot card). But I could call you Ms. Goreham-Penney or Madam Curator if you like. But I digress.

    My listening tastes while running range from music to info radio. Celtic or acoustic music (Ensemble Polaris, for example) get me going fastest. I like the NPR All Songs Considered podcasts for the balance between talk and music – the CBC 3 countdowns are also good.

    The Canadian Running feed this AM had a women talking about how she was trying to wean herself off texting while running. Took me a minute to realize she was serious. That will slow your pace for sure!

  3. Nice post, Mike. Ice on the river in November….that's pretty extreme (well, by Hertfordhsire standards!). Looking forward to more of the early morning run posts.

  4. Thanks Padre! I'll pass on Madam Curator as I work under the guidance of the excellent curator here at the aviation museum, though some day I hope I will get to curate a museum collection 🙂 Thanks for the kind words about my tarot blog, I'm at a crossroads where my webcam doesn't work and I'm without camera, I was enjoying my photo-based blogging and now I don't know what to do :s I might read tea leaves for a while for a change of pace. It'd be fun to sketch and scan what I see in the tea leaves.

    I think my favourite CBC radio programmes to run to, if I can schedule a run the same time as it airs or if I have the good sense to download from their podcast rss feed, are This is That, Maritime Noon, and As it Happens. Vinyl Cafe too (I'd love to see Stewart McLean live next time Vinyl Cafe's in Halifax!). From the NPR podcast feed my favourite is Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. I'm training to be a group fitness leader and have just discovered and so I might start listening to tunes again to familiarize myself with the music I'll be choreographing to. I'm barefoot running until the snow flies so that will probably keep me from pinning my speed onto the tempo of my music for a while.