It was cold this morning when I set out just after 6am, with a hard frost on the car windows parked along my street. I was hesitant to launch out the door, but consoled myself with the thought that an early run does offer the consolation of a sunrise. Pausing by the South Saskatchewan River near the bridge on Altawana Drive, I was rewarded by this view.

Taken with my trusty iphone using the Pro HDR 3.01 app.

After the run (11.2km) I remarked to my wife Kay that it my headlamp kept slipping down over my eyes.
Kay: Doesn’t it have a way you can tighten the strap?
Me: Uhhhh … look at that, it does!

During the run I had tried to keep it in place by removing a glove and stuffing it under the strap of my headlamp, but her way seems easier somehow. Proof that
you don’t have to be smart to run.

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  1. Great post, Mike. I leave home at 6.15am each morning, and this time of year the sunrise comes up during the ride. It's a good feeling to start the day. I don't envy you the early frosts though!