I’m at a conference this week at the Deer Lodge Hotel in Lake Louise, Alberta, a grand old
place of 1910-20 vintage that looks eerily similar to the one in the film The Shining.

I brought my running gear but there is a lot of snow here.

So no running today, alas. Instead myself and chaplain colleague “Foz” King walked over to the frozen Lake Louise, only getting a partial mountain view.

We took this mostly broken trail up towards Lake Agnes, wishing we had brought snowshoes.

And after 1.7 kms of hard slogging were rewarded with this view through the trees.

A happy Mad Padre.

It would be nice to run here sometime. Perhaps this summer.

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  1. I understand, running in the snow is fun the first nice pretty snowfall of the year but it loses it's appeal pretty quickly! I just can't seem to keep running through the winter… it does look awfully beautiful there.