Oh Canada …..

You may be confusing this lady with Celine Dion’s latest act in Las Vegas.  She’s actually our Miss Canada, competing in the Miss Universe pageant national costumes.  At least she didn’t go dressed as the Alberta Tar Sands.  I’m not sure she’s any less garish than Miss Ireland.  Decide for yourself here.

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  1. To be fair – at least Ms. Canada is recogniseable as Ms. Canada. I have no idea what Ms. Ireland was wearing. I am genuinely baffled as to what Ms. Ireland was meant to be representing.

    Now as it happens the lady that designed Ms. Ireland's frock also designed Mrs. Kinch's wedding dress and dare I say it, she did a much better job there.

  2. Shouldn't she have two goalie sticks? She has enough sticks on her back for two teams. I can't tell if they are split left handed/right handed or all of one side.