A clear and sunny winter day at CFB Suffield shows one of our “mascots” to good advantage. This old Chieftain (opps, scratch that – Centurion! my bad) tank guards one of the corners of the only grass parade square west of Ottawa.

Some friends on a wargames discussion group were nattering on about how sexy the Chieftain was, so for them this is the military picture of the week.

Taken with my definitely sexy iphone 3 using the Pro HDR app.


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  1. Hate to be a rivet counter old bean but it's a Centurion. Canadian Army never had the Chieftain.

    Can't tell you which Mk though. 🙂


  2. As long as you know which end of the hymnal to hold!

    And the Centurion is a grand old tank. Very 'tanky'; not like these new fangled turbo charged, laser sighted things.

    Thanks for the pic!