This image of the Canadian flag by the Vimy war memorial, taken by Cpl Josée Girard, has been judged the winner of the 2011 Canadian Forces photography contest.

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  1. This does say much.

    Now, I've often wondered why the historic flags that soldiers fought under aren't _also_ flown over the battlefields they fought upon along with the modern national emblems. They directed the historical outcome that brings us to the present, but served to defend and advance the colors of their own day.

  2. @ Sidney: Not surprised that you liked it, Sid, given the love and respect for the Great War generation that you're blog shows.

    @Steve: interesting point. The old Canadian red ensign is now almost entirely forgotten. Most of the soldiers serving today weren't even alive when we switched flag. I wonder what the old flag would mean to them if they saw it flying beside the new one at Vimy and other historic sites? It would need some explaining, to be sure, but that teaching moment could explain our coming of age from colony to country.