In keeping with the tank theme from my last post, this week’s milpic was taken by me this Wednesday, at about 06:30 somewhere out on the Canadian prairie. Four Challenger 2 tanks are outlined by the rising sun, promising another hot day for training. The Challies belong to British Army Training Unit Suffield, and the crews are from the Scots Dragoon Guards. Taken with my iphone 4.

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  1. Yes nice shot, isn't it amazing what you can do with a phone now? I was in the army in the 90s, when ever I went bush I often took a 24 shot disposable camera, the picture quality wasn't half what the I-phone has, not sure if you can even buy disposables any more.

  2. Thanks chaps. Dan I remember those 24 shot disposable cameras, and I also remember the cost of developing naïf pictures that didn't turn out half the way you wanted. I just upgraded to an iPhone 4 and the picture quality on it is really good.