The ship at the end of that line is HMCS Protecteur, one of the Royal Canadian Navy’s two fleet support ships, being towed to Pearl Harbour by the USS Chosin after she was disabled last Thursday by a fire in her engine room.  It’s been a minor epic since then, with at least one failed tow line and difficult weather and seas.  Fortunately there were no serious injuries in the fire.

Protecteur is a venerable 44 years old, and was coming to the end of her service life when the fire occurred.  The Ottawa Citizen reports today that the RCN is now weighing the pros and cons of repairing her.

In other Navy news, my friend, Padre Rob Parker, recently returned home with his shipmates after a long tour as ship’s chaplain on HMCS Toronto.  Rob wrote a nice piece for a newsletter I edit on celebrating the Eucharist while at sea, and I shall post that here soon.