Sometimes it’s about more than guns.

Guardian caption: Captain Anna Crossley speaks the Pashtun language which helps her to gain access to compounds, and the women that live inside them. She often pretends to have what she refers to as a ‘Helmand husband’, to boost her rapport with the women who do not understand the concept of remaining unmarried Photograph: Alison Baskerville.

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  1. A nice picture my good padre. Speaking Pashtun counts more for most Afghans than speaking to a woman, who they normally would refuse to speak with. Even a village elder would rather speak to a female Pashtun speaker than a male through an interpreter.

  2. Really nice. The Spanish troops (.yes there are over 1000 there and have paid their toll in blood too) will pull back next year. I wonder what's to be with the country once the intl forces are out.