In Tuesday’s Globe and Mail (below), Michael Valpy suggested that Olympic tourists in BC visit an Anglican church while any are still open. I’ve read the report of the Diocese of British Columbia that Valpy cites, and to my mind it’s a smart attempt to call local parishes to evangelism as well as a way of pooling resources to build larger regional churches rather than maintain the old village parish model. MP+

Michael Valpy

From Wednesday’s Globe and Mail
Published on Tuesday, Feb. 09, 2010 9:18PM EST

Last updated on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010 3:11AM EST

The Anglican Church in Canada – once as powerful in the nation’s secular life as it was in its soul – may be only a generation away from extinction, says a just-published assessment of the church’s future.

The report, prepared for the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia, calls Canada a post-Christian society in which Anglicanism is declining faster than any other denomination. It says the church has been “moved to the far margins of public life.”

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