A little under a year ago I posted a review of Lizzie Collingham’s fascinating history on the role of food (or lack of it)in World War Two. I had submitted that review to the Canadian Army Journal, which encourages book reviews from serving members. After trimming it down to 500 words as per their request, I heard nothing more from CAJ and decided they weren’t interested.

I was quite chuffed therefore to open my mail at work on Thursday, behold a shiny new copy of CAJ and find my review therein. The editors did a great job of dressing up the two page spread for my review with some well-chosen histrical photos, so it looks great. CAJ is wonkish and dense, and I’m not really sure how many of my colleagues read it, but I’m pleased that the editors picked up my review. Food supply is going to be a strategic issue in the 21st century, and Collingham’s book gives us an historical perspective to understand this issue in our own time.