Today in Canada, and elsewhere in the world for all I know, we are observing National Tartan Day.   It seems a fitting occasion to pass on this story, via US National Public Radio, which certainly qualifies as one of the cheerier religious news items of the day.  In this link, NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly speaks with a Glasgow Rabbi, Mendel Jacobs, who has designed the fist official Jewish Scottish tartan.

Rabbi Mendel Jacobs with his tartan prayer shawl.

The interview references a Sikh tartan, which may be seen here.  There are also mysterious references to a Christian clergy tartan, but, being a bit of a liturgical purist, I don`t have the courage to really pursue that.

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  1. Padre, I happen to have a tie in the so-called "Clergy Tartan." There is also a clergy badge (which I have afixed to a stole. The Blazon reads "and it was not consumed", a reference of course to the Burning Bush, but often applied to the haggis… or so I'm told.