As I inch closer to my iPad purchase, I was pleased to note today’s Globe and Mail editorial, encouraging Apple’s recent efforts to improve the lot of its workers in China through such initiatives as joining the Fair Labour Association. This topic generated considerable discussion here and may be of interest to MP readers. Here’s the conclusion of the Globe’s oped piece:

“Apple doesn’t want to be associated with foreign workers who are so despondent they would rather jump out their dorm window than assemble another iPhone 5. Instead, it has a chance to be a transformational leader and inspire other blue-chip hi-tech companies to take labour violations in China and elsewhere more seriously.”

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  1. It seems that social media also has a positive side. Thanks to all the noise that emerged around the piece of news the Big corporations are forces to act. Shame that directors and executives are only trained to react and not to prevent; lots of suffering would be saved then.