What Do Runners Think About?

Something I occasionally post about here, less than I used to perhaps because lately I find it`s more of a core and less of a pleasure now, is running. I am […]

Seen On The Run

Taken around 07:30 along the Grand River, Kitchener, ON, using the camera from my iPhone.  

Notable Quotable: C.S. Lewis On Running

“If one could run without getting tired, I don’t think one would often want to do anything else.” I saw this via Twitter just now from @CSLewisDaily. The quote I […]

2011: My Year In Running

Today I had the chance to check my 2011 run results as kept by Nike Plus. Quick summary: Kilometres run: 784 (523 in 2010)Kilometres per week: 16 (11 in 2010)Average […]

Seen On The Run

Two images from some recent runs of things that caught my attention. Last week in downtown Calgary, during an all-too brief run along the south bank of the Bow River, […]

Seen On The Morning Run

Today’s image is, well, me. This grisly visage was what my fellow runners from the Mad Hatters Running Club had to look at during our 10k outing this morning. They […]