On The Wargames Blog: Confederate Gunners

Posted on my wargames blog yesterday, some photos of a group of American Civil War gunners just finished. Lots more toys on the mad padre workbench to keep me busy […]

The Warhammer 40K Warp Vortex is Consuming Me

As promised earlier, I’ve made some progress on my other blog, madpadrewargames. If this picture of little green men interests you, click here to see some Warhammer 40K spaceorks I’ve […]

Some of My Son’s Miniature Painting Efforts

My fourteen year old son John continues to make Dad proud of his painting efforts. Recently he assembed some recent work for pictures for a school portfolio project illustrating some […]

From My Workbench: 28mm Confederate Infantry

I’m happy to have finally finished these chaps, from UK manufacturer Redoubt Enterprises’ brilliant 28mm American Civil War range. Acually the command stand are from Wargames Foundry’s now defunct ACW […]

Work in Progress – 25mm ACW Rebel Infantry

These chaps have been kicking around my collection for several years. Started them, did a rubbish job, laid them down in disgust, moved twice, and now I’ve got a major […]

Some Terrain Efforts

Some of the more recent things off my workbench. First, an idea that’s been kicking around my head for a while – a way to make cornfields for American Civil […]